Our July Top Shop Designer Picks

Jul 1

Top picks Pulp Home

Our Pulp Design Studios design team hand-picked our favorite new arrivals in the shop and we’re telling you why!

Dior: New Couture ($115)

Why we love it: “This book adds an editorial edge to any fashionista’s space. Outside of adorning a bookcase or coffee table, it’s also filled with gorgeous images perfect for framing!” – Carolina, Pulp Co-Owner + Principal Interior Designer


Glass Mirrored Box – Extra Small ($22) + Pyrite Specimen ($16)

Why we love it: “I have been loving this glass mirrored boxes! I have a couple at home; one that I keep treasured keepsakes that my kids have brought home and one that hold coral from my last trip away with my hubby. They add an extra layer and elevate ordinary objects!” – Beth, Pulp Co-Owner + Principal Interior Designer


Grey Herringbone Tassel Throw ($90)

Why we love it: “I love going to summer music festivals! Who doesn’t love cuddling up in throw on those cool summer nights?!” – Carly, Pulp Junior Designer


Wooden Hand Sculpture ($114)

Why we love it: “This hand sculpture is such a fun addition to a wall for hanging jackets, but we recently purchased it for a project to adorn and entry table and add an eclectic earthy edge.” – Beth, Pulp Co-Owner + Principal Interior Designer


Fashion’s Insider Guide To Paris ($25)

Why we love it: “If you’re planning a trip to Paris, this guide isn’t just about the shops. It’s an insider’s peek into the chicest eateries, shops, and hotspots.” – Tara, Pulp Junior Designer


Hourglass White Sand ($36)

Why we love it: “It’s precious size makes the perfect gift. It’s just so cute!” – Tracy, Pulp Project & Purchasing Manager




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Before + After: Hockaday Park

Jun 16

Our clients came to us with an empty space. They didn’t know where to start to bring their eclectic tastes together. And, more importantly, they didn’t have the time. Pulp Design Studios took their vast open space and created a space that their family can live in and love within a specified budget.

Before and After Hockaday Park Pulp Design Studios

See the entire project:

Hockaday Park


Watch the Before and After video of the journey.


Jun 11

Photo Apr 17, 11 47 46 AM

Since our Pulp team has returned from High Point Furnishing Market we’ve already started incorporating all the latest goods and trends we spotted into our designs.  It’s extremely important to us and our clients to stay on top of new trends.

This spring, J Douglas, sponsored part of our trip to High Point and did not disappoint. We’ve been using their manufacturers on Pulp Design Studios’ projects for years! As an amazing full-service, to the trade, representative showroom carrying the highest quality of goods, we knew they would have all of the hottest trends covered. Check out what caught our eye this spring market…

Photo Apr 17, 10 32 44 AM

Photo Apr 18, 11 02 59 AM

Photo Apr 18, 11 15 23 AM

Photo Apr 18, 11 30 34 AM

J Douglas represented many of the trends we saw this market. They really showcased the indigo trend impeccably! Beautiful pillows, books and artwork showed off these rich ink blue colors, creating a cozy and calming environment. From classic to edgy, to elegant and mod, every line they carry has it’s own personality, giving any designer a wide variety of selections to choose from. We were like kids in a candy store!

Photo Apr 18, 12 04 16 PM


Photo Apr 18, 11 14 41 AM


Photo Apr 18, 12 05 45 PM

Photo Apr 18, 11 31 38 AM

Photo Apr 20, 2 13 12 PM

Metallics are still going strong this market and J Douglas portrayed these trends well through the many of the manufacturers they represent. Wood and metal combinations were exhibited perfectly.  These trends were scattered throughout all of the vendor showrooms they represent, showcasing a gorgeous variety of furniture, lighting and accessories.  Especially gold and brass, which are truly here to stay.

Photo Apr 18, 11 59 13 AM

Photo Apr 17, 3 06 23 PM

Our very own Beth Dotolo (a Style Spotter this year) spotted several items from the stunning lines J Douglas represents.  We fell in love with this cheeky hand vase in a gold metallic finish from Arteriors.  We’ll take two please!

Photo Apr 18, 12 15 56 PM


Photo Apr 18, 12 07 23 PM

Photo Apr 17, 11 45 19 AM

We we’re so excited to visit the J Douglas showroom and have already begun incorporating our finds into our interior design projects!

A big thanks, again, to J Douglas for bringing us to High Point. We couldn’t be more pleased to have partnered with a company that caters to our trade with style and finesse.

Signature New - Carolina

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Showroom Tour : Phillips Collection At High Point

Jun 9

Photo Apr 17, 4 09 14 PM

Visiting High Point Market twice a year for Spring and Fall market is a major adventure for the Pulp Design Studios team.  It’s always exciting to find new vendors and stay in touch with the ones we’ve used for years.  Our goal is to stay on trend and keep our designs fresh and new, which is something our clients truly value.

This spring season we were honored to be sponsored by Phillips Collection. Over the years, they have been a go to for our projects, when it comes to on trend furniture and accessories. Here are some of the new trends Phillips Collection opened our eyes to this season.

Photo Apr 17, 4 10 33 PM

Photo Apr 17, 3 52 27 PM

Photo Apr 17, 3 52 55 PM

Photo Apr 17, 3 58 17 PM

Photo Apr 17, 3 56 53 PM

Natural materials paired with metallics were a huge part of what we saw from Phillips Collection.  These were also major trends at market this Spring.  The combination of natural, raw elements and shapes with clean, smooth additions make for a perfect paring when it comes to furniture and accessories. An array of metallic hues like copper, gold and silver were incorporated into their collection. The relationship between the natural shapes, along with the clean lines and metallic colors, makes the furniture more refined and infuses the lines of art with functional furniture.

Photo Apr 17, 3 58 49 PM

Photo Apr 17, 4 00 12 PM

Photo Apr 17, 4 06 33 PM

Photo Apr 17, 4 06 58 PM

The global trend was also embraced with large sculpture pieces and statement wall art from around the world.  It’s always fun to see how they display these dynamic pieces that can stand alone or in a group setting.  As always, they perfectly meshed a global vibe with a twist of modern, using a mix of unique applications of cracked glass, wood, metal and even feathers.

Photo Apr 17, 4 05 21 PM (1)

This intricate peacock feather art piece caught my eye from across the room.  Its saturated hues of blues and greens, with pops of rich black were spot on with the color trends this market.

Our very own Beth Dotolo ( a Style Spotter this year) spotted this gorgeous Kissing Butterfly Dining Table this season.  This table is even more stunning in person, and the smaller side table version will be making its way into one of our lucky client’s living rooms this summer. Can’t wait to get it installed!

Photo Apr 17, 4 08 42 PM

We adore the new additions Philips Collection revealed this season and we look forward to using more of their products on future Pulp Design Studios projects!  We can’t wait to see what High Point Market has in store for us this fall!

We were so excited to visit the Phillips Collection showroom and have already begun incorporating our finds into our interior design projects!

A big thanks, again, to Phillips Collection for bringing me to High Point. I couldn’t be more pleased to have partnered with a company we love.

Signature New - Carolina


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A McQueeney Lakehouse Before and After + A Video Tour

Jun 4

The Pulp Design Studios team took on a renovation for one of our most amazing repeat clients for their Lakehouse in Texas, just outside of Austin and San Antonio. We have completed both the exterior and interior renovations, just in time for summer enjoyment.

Take a look at the amazing before and afters of the exterior door, just to give you a glimpse into what we have in store for you… We put the door color up for a vote on instagram last year so it’s fun to see your response with the great shade of red we decided upon with the client.

Pulp Design Studios McQueeney Lakehouse Before and After


Plus, watch our video to see the entertaining-ready deck, along with a sneak peek into our interior design – complete with before, during, and after photos:



If you are considering a renovation for your home to make sure it’s entertaining ready for next year, now is the time to start the interior design process!

We are so pleased with the way this home has turned out, making it entertaining and summer-ready, and we can’t wait to have it photographed later this month… Stay tuned!

Before + After: Preston Hollow Bungalow

Jun 2

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow, Bathroom Detail

The goal of this whole-home refresh in Dallas, Texas was to create a fun, fresh and collected look that was both kid-friendly and livable for our young family. We were working on a very specified budget so it was important to be able to refresh the space in ways that would make the biggest impact with the greatest end result.

Our Pulp Design Studios design team made some simple cosmetic updates, including selecting vibrantly colored and happy hues, bold wallpaper, fresh paint, and modern accents to create a dynamic family-friendly home. One of the largest and easiest improvements we made (which is also took the most convincing for our homeowners) was painting the fireplace brick a creamy shade of white. It instantly freshened up the space making it happy and livable! When our clients trust our vision, it always pays off in big ways!

Watch the fun video tour we made of the space, with before and afters!

Preston Hollow Bungalow Pulp Design Studios from Beth and Carolina on Vimeo.


Take a look at the Before & After photos of our Preston Hollow Bungalow refresh…

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow Before and After Entry

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow Before and After Dining Room

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow, Wallpaper Detail

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow Before and After Living Room

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow, Living Room

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow Before and After Sitting Area

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow, Living Room 2

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow Before and After Bedroom

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow, Master Bedroom 2

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow Before and After Kids Room

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow, Kid's Bedroom Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow, Kid's Bedroom 2

Pulp Design Studios Preston Hollow Bungalow Before and After Powder Bath


See the entire project on our website:


If you have a space you’d love to get the ‘Pulp treatment’, give us a shout and tell us about your project!


Our Top 5 Accent Tables

May 26

Top 5 Accent Tables

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to perch your martini, a sleek and sexy modern piece to fit in a tight space, or a unique conversation piece – we’ve got you covered! Our Pulp Design Studios design team pulled together their favorite accent table they’re using right now in our interior design projects…. all for your shopping pleasure!


ONE: Brass and Marble Base Side Table, $750  |  TWO: Zebra Accent Table, $465  |  THREE: Matrix Side Table, $1,428  |  FOUR: Crossings Accent Table, $562  |  FIVE: In & Out End Table, $1,123
Happy Shopping!

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University Park Living Room: From Concept to Installation

May 19

We recently completed a Pulp Design Studios client install of a Living Room as the first part of a whole-home design. This is the third project we’ve worked on with these great clients and we’re thrilled with the way it turned out so far. It is a very sophisticated look for a family with hispanic cultural influence with quirky and unexpected touches that are incredibly refined… The design process started with conceptualization that looked something like this:

Project Scheme - University Park Residence


Four months later, after design selections, details, client presentation, approval, customization, ordering, coordination and delivery, Beth and Carolina got to put the finishing touches on together while Beth was visiting Dallas. The end result is effortless, but there is such a labor of love that goes on behind the scenes which our clients don’t have to worry about! We installed this gorgeous Living Room and we’re showing you a sneak peek into the space…


University Park Living Room Install

Now, on to the rest of the home….

Pulp Sourcebook: #queenannecraftsman Living Room

May 12

Shop the Look - Queen Anne Craftsman

Interior Design by Pulp Design Studios

You may recognize this #QueenAnneCraftsman living room from our recent Behind the Scenes of an Installation post. Sorry we’re not sorry to be going back here again; we just can’t get enough of this fun project!

The best thing about the design of the #QueenAnneCraftsman living room is the mix of patterns and use of color; our Pulp Design team created a fun, happy room that doesn’t feel too youthful or loud. And while the design is timeless, we noticed that the colors were a little reminiscent of springtime…so we thought we would pass along some tips – straight from the source – to inject a little spring happiness into your own home.  



Shop some of the inspired furnishings and accessories:

White Lola Accent Table

Metal Knot

Turquoise Moroccan Tile Embroidered Pillow

Navy Zig Zag Embroidered Pillow

Want to do some more shopping? Check out our Shop the Look Board on Pinterest!



See the rest of Pulp Design Studios’ Queen Anne Craftsman project.


Whether you just love what we do and want to create it for yourself or you have a space that you’d love to get the ‘Pulp Treatment’, we hope that his series inspires you to live more beautifully.  And if you’d like to hire us (And, really…you should hire us!  wink. wink.) get in touch and tell us about your project!


Note: Color is in essence, reflections of light and one’s surroundings.  As a result, the color you see in our client’s space would certainly translate differently into your own.  If you are not working with a designer, play with paint samples on various walls in your own space to see if you get the effect you want.  We would also be glad to provide you with a consultation if that would be valuable.  We want your space to reflect its own beauty and your style.

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Pulp Seattle Studio Tour

Apr 28

As you may know, Pulp Design Studios has two bustling studios- one in Dallas and one in Seattle. People are constantly asking us ‘So, how does that work with two locations?’! Well, it’s really simple! We are fortunate enough to have amazing technology at our fingertips that allows us to collaborate and function as one cohesive studio. We just happen to be in two locations, though most days it feels like many of our studio mates are just in an office down the hall.

Our Seattle Studio was recently featured on The Office Stylist, so we thought we’d give you a tour of our little jewel-box studio…

PULP Seattle Studio - Designer and Intern Stations

PULP Seattle Studio - Project Drawings

PULP Seattle Studio - Conference Table

PULP Seattle Studio - Happy Hour and Pulp Home Accessories

PULP Seattle Studio - Beth Dotolo

PULP Seattle Studio - Beth Dotolo Desk

PULP Seattle Studio - On My Desk

PULP Seattle Studio - Entrance

PULP Seattle Studio - Pulp Home Hardware


We’ll give you a look into the Dallas studio very soon! But, in the meantime, you can read my interview on The Office Stylist about our studio, our high/low design approach, and how we work.

And, you can also shop the look of some of the key items shown in our studio!

Shop the look of Pulp Design Studios' Office

Chandelier  |  Brass Object  |  Starburst Pull  |  Desk Lamp  |  Mirror


Happy Shopping!



A Visual Journey Through High Point Market

Apr 23

We just returned from an incredibly successful and productive trip to High Point Market!

We shopped for Pulp Design Studios clients, we uncovered new sources, we developed relationships with some of our current sources to bring better value to our clients, and doors opened to some amazing opportunities that we’re excited to explore. We laughed and we *almost* cried because our feet hurt so badly! A picture is worth a thousand words, so as we dig back into our client work and plug away at the post-market craze we thought we’d give you a visual journey through this 2015 Spring High Point Market. Here is market through our eyes…


Beth Dotolo, Carolina Gentry

natural curiosities

Surya, modern rugs

Beth Dotolo, Carolina Gentry

Beth Dotolo Style Spotter


Beth Dotolo, Emporium Home, Style Spotter

Studio A

Carolina Gentry

Wayland Gregory

Carolina Gentry

Oly Studios

Carolina Gentry, Beth Dotolo Style Spotter

Beth Dotolo Style Spotters Live

2015 Style Spotters

Century Furniture

Mirth Studios

Mr Brown Home

Noir Furniture

Noir Furniture, Beth Dotolo Style Spotter

Oly Studios Beth Dotolo Style Spotter

Oly Studios Beth Dotolo Style Spotter

Oly Studios Beth Dotolo Style Spotter

Regina Andrew Beth Dotolo Style Spotter



Beth Dotolo, Style Spotter


We loved every minute of this Spring’s High Point Market, including all of the amazing people we met through Style Spotting. We are looking forward to doing it all over again this fall!


beth and carolina signature

Design Roundup: Top 5 Hide Rugs

Apr 15

Top 5 Hide Rugs by Pulp Design Studios

Hide is an amazing material to use on the floor! We love using them on Pulp Design Studios projects for many reasons… They’re incredibly durable, cleanable, and super stylish! Many people think of leather as a delicate luxury, when it reality it’s one of the most durable products you can find. It’s great for kids and pets since it’s so easy to clean. Since our client’s seek us out for our ability to bring value and long-lasting style, we often turn to hide rugs to meet those needs.

Check out our roundup of our favorite hair-on-hide rugs as seen in our Pulp Design Studios‘ projects…

Pulp Home Waves HideRug

1. Waves Hair-On-Hide Rug [as seen in Pulp Design Studios‘ #QueenAnneCraftsman]


Pulp Home Hex White Hide Rug

2. Hex Hair-On-Hide Rug [as seen in Pulp Design Studios‘ #YarrowPointResidence]


Pulp Home Prism Hide Rug

3. Prism Hair-On-Hide Rug [as seen in Pulp Design Studios‘ #YarrowPointResidence]


Pulp Home Hide Rug

4. Cream Hair-On-Hide Rug [as seen in Pulp Design Studios‘ #WestSeattleTownhome]


Pulp Home Diamonds Rug

5. Diamonds Hair-On-Hide Rug [as seen in Pulp Design Studios‘ #WestSeattleTownhome]


shop stylish hide rugs


See our entire selection of rugs on PulpHome.com!

Happy shopping! xx